The Best Iranian Restaurant in Dubai – You Won't Believe What We Found!


In the quest to find the Best Iranian Restaurant in Dubai, we discovered that there’s actually quite a few of them to choose from. But one particular place stood out as the best among them – let’s just say you won’t believe what we found! Of course, it’s no easy task to even begin discussing which restaurant offers the best Persian food in Dubai since each eatery has its own unique qualities and serves different types of dishes, but if you want something healthy and tasty that won’t cost an arm and a leg, you should read on!


Our criteria

Taste, authenticity and cleanliness: who had it? Who didn’t? Here are our findings. I’m sure there will be many people who disagree with us on some of these (and I look forward to hearing about them), but here we go...

8.) Parsian Persian Kitchen & Bar, The Boulevard at JBR


Judging the restaurants

The winner of our 2016 award was, by far, The Big Easy on Sheik Zayed Road. All of their food was cooked fresh to order and tasted great. It may seem like it’s a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for with any restaurant—and we certainly felt it was worth every dirham. If you ever want to eat out but don’t know where to go for delicious, fresh food then look no further than The Big Easy!


Honorable mentions

Obviously, there were a ton of awesome ideas that didn’t make it onto our list. Here are a few favorites. Write a professional press release for an upcoming event. Write a professional press release for your own business. Write a professional press release about how to get into law school. Write a professional press release about how to get into medical school.


#1 Persian Restaurant

It's called Persian Magic and if you have even a vague interest in Middle Eastern food, we'd say it is worth seeking out. The restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed Road not far from Al Barsha. Don't be put off by its unprepossessing location because when you get inside you'll find an inviting space with modern decor and some colorful traditional art adorning its walls.


Other Persian restaurants that we love

With a whole world of food out there, it’s hard to believe that other countries have their own versions of Persian cuisine. While we wouldn’t recommend a trip to Tajikistan just for one meal (even if you do get a visa), here are some great alternative cuisines.

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