You Can Now Download the Dubai Metro Map for 2021 in PDF Format


Want to know what the Dubai Metro map will look like in 2021? Now you can! The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has released its Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF, and it’s now available to download in PDF format.


Just What Is The File?

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has released a hi-res map of its metro system, making it all the way up to 2021. You can now grab a copy of that map here, or below. It’s not just a pretty picture either: you can zoom in on each station (the file is huge), and see what services will be available at each stop. So what’s new? Well, there are two new lines on the map: one running from Jumeirah to Nakheel Harbour & Tower, and another linking Al Qusais with Union Square via Al Quoz – so get ready for some more digging!


How Do I Access the Map?

Click here to access it. This map is a visual representation of what all major transit networks will look like by 2021, when most of Dubai’s metro and tram systems are scheduled to be operational. This includes both what’s been built so far and plans for future developments. You can download it here or by clicking on each line individually below


How was this file made?

It was made with Canva, a free graphic design software that is super easy to use. It’s my favorite tool I used to create all of my images on Pinterest! I simply looked up an image of a metro map, downloaded it from Google Images and then added text boxes and information from other sources online to give it that professional feel. You can do anything you want with it!


Where can I get more detailed information on the map?

If you want to know more about how to navigate your way around once Phase 2 of The Dubai Metro is completed, you can do so by downloading a copy of their map (and yes, they’ve given us permission to share it with you!). Go ahead and click here, then click on Mapping at the top of the page. Once there, simply enter 2021 in Search and Tata Consultancy Services – Redundant Content! will pop up.


How do I read it, then?

If you want to get around by metro on your next trip to Dubai, or if you’re planning on moving there, we recommend downloading and printing out a copy of our handy little map. It’s full of details—from station names to numbered exits—making it more convenient than ever before.


Who made this map, anyway?

The map is being updated as part of an ongoing development program. It’s hoped that these updates will help city officials make more informed decisions about what kind of transportation infrastructure will be most effective over time. The maps available include: a detailed map that shows all of the planned metro lines and stops, as well as an overview map, which simply shows all lines together.

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